Информационное сообщение (REU 2017)


Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
State Geological and Subsurface Survey of Ukraine
Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute
State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Reserves
The State Commission for the examination of geological projects and estimates
All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Noosphere”

Dear colleagues!

               We have pleasure to invite you to participate in International research and practice conference “Usage Aspects of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources in Ukraine (REU 2017)”, which is held Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute (UkrSGRI) and All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Noosphere”.

The conference will be held in the settlement Odessa  (Ukraine) from 19 to 24 June 2017.

        International research and practice conference “Usage Aspects of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources in Ukraine (REU 2017)” – it is a discussion and solution of actual problems of substitution traditional of hydrocarbons nontraditional and the renewable energy resources. It is an opportunity for scientific discussions, topical workshops and presentations. It is an expansion of business relations, opportunity to meet potential business partners, as well as new knowledge, ideas and ability to implement them.

We invite all those interested in the replacement of traditional hydrocarbon alternative energy sources. Experts in the field of ecology and economy. Academic staff of universities and specialist manufacturers. Doctors and students. Inventors and engineers, designers. All who are interested in the possibilities of using solar energy, earth, wind, … and are confident that your experience and support will be a significant contribution to the success of the conference and addressing energy independence of Ukraine.


More information about the conference (the organizing committee, the date of submission of abstracts and application forms, a description of thematic tours, organizing fee …) will be posted on the website  in february.



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Conference Location 2017

recreation Centre «peace» is located in the heart of the resort Odessa. Private landscaped territory of the hotel consists of a high-rise fifteen storey dormitory building, allowing to simultaneously accommodate 350 the tourists.

Combine Resort Leisure, excursions, Business Objectives

Regular customers appreciate the convenient location of the holiday hotel. Just 10 minutes slow walk separates You from the famous beaches of Odessa Arcadia and the gull. 20 minutes by public transportation from the historic centre Odessa (Ul. Deribasovskaya)determine the possibility of combining a beach holiday, tour service : business or pleasure stay. location map in the peace>> Continue reading

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